Sell Your Metal

Re-Mark-It trade in all forms of non-ferrous metals: from Copper to Car Batteries. The rates paid are calculated using base prices generated from the London Metal Exchange, which ensures you always get the most for your metal. If you have some scrap metal lying around that you want to sell, then click here to speak to one of the team.

Re-Mark-It buys and collects waste that is amassed mainly through manufacturing companies, commercial sector services and the general public. We offer a range of services to suit you, whether you are a tradesman with some leftover scrap, or a member of the general public who has some metal lying around.

If you want to come and see us, the process of getting your money is a fast and easy 4-step process:

Come in with your scrap
One of the team will weigh your metal or batteries
Next we take your ID and issue you with a purchase ticket showing the weight and value of the metal
Finally, we pay you by cheque, bank transfer (max. 3 hours to transfer), or one of our pre-paid re-Mark-it cards for regular recyclers

If you would prefer us to collect your metal, then please select whether you are a tradesman or member of the general public to take a look at the collection services we offer.