Copper Recycling

Copper is generally split into two categories: Household and Industrial.

Household copper can be found throughout the house and commonly comes in the form of:

Copper pipes
Copper tanks
Copper cylinders
Copper cabling
Braziery copper
Emersion heaters
White goods/domestic appliance motors

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Industrial copper generally comes in more forms, which re-Mark-it are happy to scrap for you. We recycle all forms of copper from the industrial sector including:

Dry bright wire, Flat electro copper bar, Tinned copper, Copper granules, New copper turnings, New copper tubing, Stranded hard drawn, Number 1 copper wire, Number 2 copper wire, Copper cable, Armoured cable and Pyro cable.

The copper that we process on site is prepared by our team and ready for it’s next step in the recycling process. Often, this next step is exportation, most likely heading to China, India or parts of Europe.

FUN FACT: Copper is an essential nutrient to all living organisms. Foods rich in copper include oysters, beef, nuts, cocoa, black pepper, lobster, sunflower seeds, green olives, avocados, and wheat.