By recycling your batteries with re-Mark-it, you are ensuring that your batteries are being disposed of in an environmentally responsible way, whilst getting paid for it! Not all batteries can be recycled by us, so be sure to check the list below to see if yours can!

Batteries we accept:

Car batteries
Lorry batteries
Any form of lead acid batteries
Scooter batteries
Alarm batteries
Leisure batteries
All batteries marked with “PB”

Batteries we don’t accept:

  • Alkaline batteries
  • Nickel cadmium
  • Lithium batteries

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Batteries that we receive, go on to be recycled in battery recycling plants across the UK, where the lead, acid and plastics are separated and recycled individually. It is important to recycle batteries correctly as they are regarded as hazardous waste.

FUN FACT: In 1836 a chemist from England invented the first rechargeable battery. It was a lead acid battery, which is still used in cars today.